Drink pure coffee
add strong MCT
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Reveal the secret of the flawless coffee

Try out unique medium-slow roast and get to 100% coffee potential

Top Quality Organic beans

Top Quality Organic beans

For 100% antioxidant potential

Fresh Slow Roast

Fresh Slow Roast

For delicate flavor and activation of natural substances

Different energy

Different energy

No jitters, no digestive problems, pure focus

Coffee is one of the most potent healthy drinks, but only if you make it well done.

Dusan Plichta Dusan Plichta Inspirational nutrition consultant & Lector of Academy of Coffee

Power Coffee represents a pure 100% organic espresso blend with intense flavor and real boost. Power Coffee was crafted and personally developed by nutrition expert and Academy of Coffee lector Dusan Plichta in cooperation with research and development centers of Coffee Consulate, and Brazilian O'Coffe plantation.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience of highly trained professionals we are proud to present a unique coffee blend that matches all the STRICT criteria of specialty coffee you can trust. By this trust and reliability we not only consider taste, but a real energy for your body and brain, that will make your day. Try out and feel the difference between Specialty and Commercial world of average coffee.


In Cooperation with

Coffee Consulate O'Coffee Academy of Coffee

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Organic espresso 250g

Organic espresso 250g

  • Organic agriculture no pesticides and chemicals used
  • Premium 100% organic coffee beans of the highest quality
  • Moderate and unique slow roasting process
  • Intense and reliable pure taste of specialty coffee
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  • Smarter than you think Unique combination of MCT and Coffee
  • Direct fat burning effect Stimulation of cells mitochondria
  • Pure and stable energy No sugars, no toxins, no additives
  • Intense and reliable High quality MCT with special coffee
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Power MCT oil 400ml

Power MCT oil 400ml

  • 6 x stronger than coconut oil Quick and sustained supply of pure energy
  • Great Brain food Optimal mental performance
  • Direct fat burning effect Low metabolic oxygen consumption
  • Flavorless & odorless Great for coffee smoothies
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Organic Espresso MCT COMBO £ 22.99
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How to prepare different-power coffee?

Pure black

Espresso Espresso
Frenchpress Frenchpress
Mocca Mocca

Power special

  • POWER COFFEE fresh brew 200 ml (a cup)
  • Real Grass fed Cow's butter min. 80 % – 15 g (1 TS)
  • POWER MCT oil 15 g (1 TS)
  • Cinnamon, vanilla or cocoa – 5 g (1 TS.)

Grind fresh and brew your mug (200 ml) of 100% organic POWER COFFEE. Put all ingredients in and use blender or mini frothier to mix it up to obtain the consistency of a smoothie and to remove any fat from the surface.

Power up your coffee and boost your energy

Power Coffee
Premium Quality


  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 3 weeks of maximal freshness
  • Fast delivery secure packaging
  • 12 months quality and taste assurance